Feasibility Assessment of Existing Site + Design Goals:

  • site walk through to assess existing conditions and discuss your design goals

  • planning and building code research to determine what can be built on your property

  • summary of drawing submittal requirements, estimated time line and fees required to secure permits

Design and Permitting Services:

  • architectural design and permitting services from concept through to design development and construction documents

  • project management and coordination

  • sustainable site design incorporating edible landscaping, using Permaculture principles

    • Permaculture is the creation of human systems which provide for human needs, drawing inspiration from natural ecosystems.

Garden and Landscape Structures Design

  • garden design incorporating edible and ornamental plants, integrated with existing/proposed building design

  • design for outdoor benches and awnings, outdoor kitchens

  • design for structures to support residential scale urban gardening:

    • edible raised bed garden customized to your personal food preferences and planting season*

    • vertical gardens (either ornamental succulents or edible plants) customized to your site needs*

    • *includes initial coaching on organic gardening & maintenance